Christy Boucher: dropped 6 dress sizes

“I started training with Phil Kelly following the birth of my daughter. I have always enjoyed regular exercise, but after gaining an excessive amount of weight during my pregnancy I knew I needed more motivation than the treadmill. Phil has a great knowledge of fitness and nutrition that he incorporates to the advantage of every client. He developed a programme that catered to my goals, which he continues to adapt in order to meet my changing needs. Phil has a great personality which makes our sessions fun even when they are demanding. I find his style of integrating weight training and cardiovascular exercise in a high energy and enthusiastic manner more beneficial than my two previous trainers. Each workout is kept interesting by utilising, amongst other things, swiss balls, rollers, slides, boxing, kettlebells and Galileo vibrating plate. I have more muscle tone and feel healthier than I did ten years ago. Since our first session I have dropped from a UK dress size 12 to a 6. I credit my results to Phil and his tireless efforts to get me fit”.

Christy Boucher


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Dedicated to the prosperity of my clients. My mission is to educate and empower people to be all they can be. To provide quality, accurate, professional and affordable fitness and health services to enrich peoples lives.