Lindsey Pierce: personalised & specific

“I started working out with KiwiFitness because I was bored of my same routine of weights and cardio, and felt that I was on a plateau with my fitness. I regularly work out, eat fairly healthy and have tried many workouts/trainers in Cambodia and USA. However, I was intrigued by Phil’s approach and theories on how to eat and train. It seemed straightforward and made sense - unlike other programs that have you tracking/measuring your meals, keeping track of complex work out sessions etc.”

“In just six weeks of working with KiwiFitness I decreased by body fat, and lost cm throughout my body, but most incredible was the way I felt. I had never felt satisfied by the "diets/meal plans" previous trainers had suggested and was always waiting for my cheat day to splurge. However, on this plan I was never hungry or craved foods. This is huge for me!”

“During the initial assessment I was made aware of some areas I needed to strengthen for my posture, and daily movements which had never been pointed out to me before, during the six weeks I worked hard and noticed results!”

“I appreciated that Phil took my personal goals and body into account instead of just giving me a one size fits all plan. I felt that it was specific for me and that he was invested in making a plan that worked for me and would constantly modify or adjust wherever necessary. Phil Kelly is different from other trainers because I felt that he safely pushed me past my comfort zone during each session and kept encouraging me to go faster, or tweak my technique just a bit to make it more effective. Many times other trainers won't push enough or aren’t focused on my technique and therefore lack an intense workout.”

“Overall, I felt this experience was hard, effective and gave me a better understanding of how to live a healthy lifestyle not just a lot of shortcuts to get fit quick. I would highly recommend Phil and KiwiFitness to anyone who is up for a challenging program, gaining real results or just wants to lead a healthier lifestyle.”

Lindsey Pierce
Elementary IT teacher
International School of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Personal Statement

Dedicated to the prosperity of my clients. My mission is to educate and empower people to be all they can be. To provide quality, accurate, professional and affordable fitness and health services to enrich peoples lives.