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A one-hour personal training session equates to 4% of the time in your day. When individuals do not receive clear guidance and support through the other 96% of their day it’s no wonder so many fail to attain real results. Furthermore, if we consider an average week; 1 hour in the gym 3 times a week still leaves 165 hours per week that influence your desired outcome. Those 3 hours per week only equate to 1.8% of your time. To get fantastic transformation results you need to consider all of your time and actions. This is the reason why I have created Body Expert Transformation Systems.

I do not simply train a person. Purchasing and selling blocks of “sessions” will never deliver the best service possible or achieve the best results for clients. My Body Expert Systems are all about providing service excellence… delivering the total package that accomplishes real results and obtains total client satisfaction.

Body Expert Systems is a method and philosophy that takes complete care of the client. To deliver true life-long results. The service operates by cultivating life force – ‘work in’ before ‘working out’… as exercise is a stressor on the body the internal environment must be able to cope with that stress to maintain health and develop.

I only work with a maximum of 10 personal clients at one time to ensure you receive my full attention and time.


Body Expert Transformation Systems Outline:

KiwiFitness offer a number of comprehensive packages that can fit any goal, lifestyle and time frame. From developing programmes, review and monitoring to constant personalised One-2-One coaching sessions.

Please view the range of comprehensive offers available:

|   Initial Consultation |   Starter Pack   |   KiwiFit Custom-Made   

|   Transformation Packages   |   KiwiFit Groups   |   KiwiFit Massage   |


Initial Consultation:

It's very important to understand that before commencing any form of training you must first be assessed to ensure any exercise prescription best meets your specific needs and does not compound pre-existing postural issues, to minimise injury risk and accelerate success. Initiating a training programme that fails to correct mechanical movement flaws and neuromuscular inefficiency will create further postural or functional problems = ineffective results and potential injury.

All exercises and recommendations will be designed around your specific needs.

The initial Consultation is worth $80


  • Health screen (blood pressure, lung strength, readiness for exercise assessment)
  • Exercise history & goals
  • Nutrition & lifestyle analysis
  • External environment assessment
  • Full BodyMetrix Ultrasound scan and assessment
  • Includes comprehensive health report and nutrition & lifestyle recommendations

The initial consultation is charged separately due to the extensive recommendations and time required to produce these.


Starter Pack:

The starter pack is designed for those who want a specialised plan developed for their individual needs. The Starter Pack provides full assessments and exercise prescription as well as 3 personal training sessions to educate the client on correct technique, movement tempo, correct intensity level, rest periods and appropriate loads. These 3 sessions enable us to review and adapt the programme/exercises to best suit your abilities and needs. Five sessions are the minimum requirement to provide you with an optimal service, programme and environment for you to then continue on your own.

Starter Pack Includes:

  1. Initial assessment: as explained above
  2. Movement Assessment: posture assessment, biomechanical assessment, strength balance tests, abdominal/core function tests
  3. Full movement prescription - including corrective exercise and goal orientated programme
  4. Three individual personal training sessions


KiwiFit Custom-Made:

Every body is unique! Unique in the way our body’s respond to the stimulus of both our external and internal environment. How we hormonally and chemically operate and what neuromuscular/musculoskeletal impairments we have developed. But more importantly we are each unique in the way we live our lives… our lifestyle, our values and our aspirations will determine your goals and the methods in which you use to achieve them.

Each KiwiFit Custom-Made package is based on the environment, the time frame and the requirements of the client. A package would be created to meet you specific needs.

Once an initial consultation and movement assessment have been completed we would then be able to construct the best package based around your requirements and budget.


Transformation Packages:

Each package is based around two One-2-One sessions per week.

All transformation memberships/packages include:

  1. Postural assessment
  2. Movement assessment
  3. Muscle balance/strength tests
  4. Fitness assessment (if goals require)
  5. 2-4 weekly full BodyMetrix Ultrasound scan reviews
  6. Bi-weekly client focused appraisals
  7. Recipes that make fat loss and health taste good
  8. 24/7 support and motivation
  9. Membership to BE-Lean Online
  10. Access to additional group sessions
  11. Additional sessions can be arranged if desired at the cost of $20 per session


KiwiFit Fat Fighter - 1 month

  • The Fat Fighter package consists of strict preset exercise and nutritional protocols. The protocols will be adjusted slightly where needed for individual contraindicative requirements. Full commitment and dedication is required to undertake and get the most out of this programme due to the very short duration.


KiwiFit BE–Beautiful - 3 months

  • A true transformation package. 12 weeks is a great amount of time to invest to shape excellent physical change - long enough to see significant results, but not too long to be overwhelming.


KiwiFit BE–Epic

6 months

KiwiFit Ultimate Health

12 months

  • Real health and life-long transformation takes time, commitment and consistency. The longer you commit and invest in your health the better results you will achieve. BE–Systems can deliver you the results and the knowledge to have you look, perform and feel amazing. I will be 100% committed to providing you with a world-class service

* Payments schedules can be arranged. Enquire for more information


KiwiFit Groups:

(2 people = $35 each) (3 people = $28 each) (4 people = $25 each)

(5 people = $22 each) (6 people = $19 each)

  • A cost effective way of reaping fitness rewards. You are more likely to adhere to and therefore achieve your goals when working out with a partner or friend due to increased motivation, friendly competition and increased enjoyment. 'Groups' is a total body conditioning system that delivers fun workouts with effective results. 6-people maximum per group
  • Express your interest now to join the Groups Waiting List or get your friends together to sign up for a fun way to get fit and look good


Relaxation & Deep Tissue Massage:

Recovery is one of the most important aspects to fitness and health. Optimising recovery by treating tension and stress within the body will maximise results.

Massage provides relaxation and relief to muscle tension and fatigue and also benefits your postural, emotional and physiological function. KiwiFit Massage focuses on relieving deep tension to improve range of motion, balance, posture and performance.

A one hour massage is $40. Any travel cost will be additional. Please contact me to schedule and appointment.

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Dedicated to the prosperity of my clients. My mission is to educate and empower people to be all they can be. To provide quality, accurate, professional and affordable fitness and health services to enrich peoples lives.